Management Services

Athos Investments – Management Services

As part of the full services Athos Investments provides, Athos formed a Greek subsidiary used as the management company for the entirety of the investors' portfolio. The company employs local staff and a number of free-lancer which assist with all the needed services.

The management company provides all the following services, as part of owning a property –

  • Registering the property with all the local authorities – electric company, water company, municipality and the tax authorities.
  • Inspecting potential residents before signing the lease – interviewing the tenants, asking for paycheck copies and so forth.
  • Handling on-going issues with the property – broken boiler, malfunctioned electric board and all similar issues.
  • Fixing tenant problems – handling collections issues, building management issues etc.
  • End of lease and replacement of tenants – contacting the property owner whether they wish to extend the lease, or to raise the rent if possible. Replacing the tenants in time of need and ensuring a smooth evacuation of the leaving tenant before entering a new one.

In addition, Athos provides management services for Greek properties that were not purchased by it and enables handling all the investors' needs who manage properties by remote control.

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