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about athos investmentsAthos Real Estate Investments provides full coverage for real estate investments in Greece, mainly in Athens and Piraeus. Athos began its activity in 2015 and ever since then has completed over 100 transactions in Athens and its surroundings.

Athos Real Estate Investments has comprehensive experience and in-depth acqaintance with the local real estate market of Athens. Since its establishment, Athos has assisted multiple investors to purchase one or more properties in Greece.

Investing in Greece at this time is an attractive opportunity. Due to low purchase prices for residential properties, there is good potential for significant up-side. In addition, Athens' large number of residents, students and tourists provides for a strong rental market.

Athos has successfullly created a full-coverage real estate investment model based on the long-term, cooperative ties it maintains with local professionals in Athens.  This full-coverage real estate investment process covers the entire purchase process as well as post-purchase ownership and management. Athos' full-coverage services gives investors confidence to invest and peace of mind following the investment.

Our Values

Transparency and Reliability

Transparency and Reliability

Athos Investments conducts its business with full transparency. Athos provides its investors with all the information needed on the property before completing its purchase. This includes market price, expected renovation costs, and forecasted rental fees. During the holding period, Athos maintains ongoing communication with investors regarding their tenants, current renting prices in the vicinity, and optimal times for selling the property.

Alignment of Interests

Alignment of Interests

In an effort to benefit its investors, Athos Investments aligns itself with its investors' interests. Athos, which builds long-term relationships with its investors, maintains investors’ interests while purchasing and managing properties. Athos will never sell a property it owns to its investors as that could lead to a conflict of interests. The Athos Management Team holds a portfolio of properties in Athens and firmly believes in the opportunities the market holds.



The Athos Management Team began building its reputation of integrity in 2006 through its real estate investment work with HNWI’s and market-leading businessmen. The team prioritizes maintaining its reputation for integrity today and in the future. In addition, by creating trusting working relationships, based on its reputation of integrity, with all the relevant professionals in Greece, Athos is able to give its investors unparalleled access to the best investment properties in Athens.

Our Management Team

Orni Shmuly - Athos Investments Managing Partner in Athens Greece

Orni Shmuly

Managing Partner, Greece Office
Idan Finkelstein - Athos Investments Managing Partner in Israel

Idan Finkelstein

Managing Partner, Israel Office

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