Learn Why Athos is Your Real Estate Investment Company

Athos Investments has been working since 2015 to provide its clients access to real estate investments in Athens and its surroundings.

To best serve its clients, Athos has established a full operational infrastructure in Athens. This includes Athos professionals accompanying investors throughout the entire purchase process.

Athos Investments' comprehensive investment process starts with initial meetings in Israel to identity the investors' needs and includes finding specific investment opportunities in Greece in accordance with it.

Athos' Professional Services in Greece

Upon arriving in Greece, an Athos professional meets potential investors and accompanies them through the administrative tasks needed for purchasing property in Greece.

A local lawyer provides full legal coverage, checking all legal aspects of the property before the purchase to ensure that are no mortgages or debts on the property and that it is ready for sale.

Following the purchase, Athos' local property management company handles all the post-purchase property and tenant needs. The Athos local property management team even assists with any property and rent collection issues that may arise.

Athos offers its investors a vast assortment of properties. These  include renovated apartments ready to lease and apartments in need for renovation that offer a potential up-side after completing the renovation. Full renovations of Greek properties often quickly repay themselves from their higher rental fees and/or sale prices. In addition, renovated properties often provide greater peace of mind to owners as they decrease the possibility of malfunctions and needed repair work and better address the needs of more established tenants.

In the case of investors wanting to purchase an apartment in need of renovation, Athos’ local property management team will provide the architectural planning, interior design work, and professional workers to perform the renovation. Athos ensures that the professional team will be comprised of licensed workers with certificates from Greece and the EU. To protect the interests of its investors, the Athos local management company supervises all the renovation works to make sure the work is done properly, on time and within budget.

Athos Investment Committee

Athos Investments has been active in the local Athens real estate market for over four years and maintains close ties with the largest brokerage firms in Athens. The Athos Management Team, with their vast experience in examining real estate deals, works with a senior executive director from Athens’ largest brokerage firm, with his in-depth understanding of the local market, to thoroughly screen dozens of potential real estate investment opportunities each month.

Athos offers its investors only those properties that are most suitable to the investors and aligned with Athos' principles. Only certain buildings - built after certain years, in certain neighborhoods - meet Athos' standards. Athos' clients have benefitted from this tested and proven screening procedure of the Athos Investment Committee.

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